Membership Application (New Members Only!)

Before you start the application process ensure that you note the following:

1) This form is for individual members application only. To register a firm,login as a member and register.
2) Ensure that you have all neccessary supporting documents in image or pdf formart. You shall need to upload them in step 5.
3) Ensure you have atleast 2 sponsor members who must be in good standing and have a valid email address. You can click here to confirm sponsor membership No.
4) The form data is saved when you submit hence you must complete all the steps
5) In step 3 Under Education, please don't add a new institution if its already listed on the dropdown.
6) Ensure you have the necessary amount in your Mpesa inorder to make payment as stipulated in our website. Please note a membership application without necessary payment is incomplete. You will need this in step 6.
7) Once Approved, you shall receive your membership no via email.
Click here for more details on new membership application steps.